Asco Timber

Asco Timber Rubberwood (Mi-Grade)


For this new Rubberwood development, we are using a special selection of the timber, which has let us design and produce decorative boards that can be used as an ecologically sustainable alternative to plywood, chipboard and MDF.
Its technical properties exeed those of plywood and chipboard, and there is no burden on the environment either during production or when the material is eventually returned to nature as waste.

Asco Timber Rubberwood Mi-grade board is produced from recycled “old Rubbertrees”,
fully recyclable and completely in line with the Circle Economy vision, consisting entirely of natural fibres that can be reused and/or easily be composted.

Asco Timber Rubberwood Mi-grade is suitable for all normal indoor use.
The wood is stable and holds its shape well under daily room temperatures.

It has been developed for the twenty-first century Circle Economy.

* Made from recycled plantation grown Rubberwood
* Pocessed with the use of renewable energy
* Toxic-free bonding
* Formaldehyde free
* Co2-neutral
* Fully recyclable
* Cost attractive
* Board sizes upto 1300 x 5200 mm
* Thickness 18 – 80 mm
* Strickt tolerances: +/- 0,3 mm thickness

Suitable for both decorative applications as well for laminating with HPL because of its excellent surface properties.